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William H. Hannon Library Building in Los Angeles by AECOM

Thhe William H. Hannon Library represents a new paradigm in the delivery of information services to 21st century students. The library capitalizes on the building’s prominent location and successfully fulfills the University’s goal as a functional gateway linking the academic and residential precincts, and identifiable campus landmark both from the inside and outside. The building is truly ‘of its place’ – an embodiment of a future-looking character that is respectful of the past. The architecture is formed around the geometries of a circle inscribed in a square. The square relates to existing academic buildings while the circle negotiates the geometries of the adjacent residential campus and maximize views of the bluff. - via

William H. Hannon  Library BuildinWilliam H. Hannon Library BuildinWilliam H. Hannon Library Buildin

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