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Orange Memorial Park Building by Marcy Wong & Donn Logan Architects

Marcy Wong & Donn Logan Architects have completed the simple 6,400-square-foot Orange Memorial Park Recreation Building in San Fransisco. The building design is an airy, light-filled multi-purpose room for cultural, recreational, celebratory, and educational activities. The visual transparency of the glazed facade on three sides connects the inner space with surrounding patios, merging indoor and outdoor activities. The designers wanted the environmental features of the project to lend strong architectural expression to the building. Most important in this regard are the siting of the project with regard to solar orientation, the deep overhangs and sunshades, and the abundant sun-protected fenestration that provided natural day-lighting and views. As a result of the building’s siting, architectural design, lighting design and mechanical engineering, this project’s energy performance is 15.2% better than what is mandated by California’s stringent energy efficiency code standard. This qualified the city as the owner to receive a monthly incentive of thousands of dollars from PG & E.

Orange Memorial Park BuildingOrange Memorial Park BuildingOrange Memorial Park Building

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