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OS Beach Villa with Ocean View House Design by Nolaster

The private sustainable home with ocean view was design by Nolaster Architect and has 360 site areas in Cantabria, Spain. The most exposed façade of the house is the green roof. The main program develops in the first floor, over a ground floor that consists of garage, facilities, storage, porch and south garden. Other features include an inner yard to provide an open space protected from wind and rainwater collection for reuse fushing toilets and watering the roof and garden in summer. The black panels are zinc; ideal for seaside houses as it lasts longer. If desired, the entire house can be dismantled and reconstructed elsewhere, as the panels have been screwed together rather than welded. Efficient underfloor heating allows temperature to be controlled room by room, consuming only as much energy as is needed. The modern aesthetic, gorgeous Euro context, and green materials and systems is the most inspirited this house.-via

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