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Great Architecture Interlace in Singapore by OMA and Partner

The-Interlace-by-OMA-and-PartnerThe project design a new housing project in the green ring on the outskirts of the capital of Singapore. This project consists of 31 blocks of 6 storeys high, stacked in a hexagonal order. The result is 170.000m2 departments for 1040.The interesting thing about the strategy used by OMA is the density achieved, while being able to maintain the privacy of the departments by the distance and the view as seen in the renders.

The-Interlace-by-OMA-and-PartnerAnother result of this strategy of stacking spaces are all shown at both the ground and in the decks of the blocks. Seeing the plant project, there are a number of playgrounds with equipment for the community. Thus, the OMA proposal becomes a vertical community, which departs from the typical tower as seen in the render context.

The-Interlace-by-OMA-and-PartnerThe-Interlace-by-OMA-and-PartnerAccording to OMA account, this design incorporated several variables of solar radiation, winds and the local microclimate, in addition to passive energy strategies of low impact.

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