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Ecolodge in Egypt by Laetitia Delubac and Christian Félix

Ecolodge DesignLaetitia Delubac and Christian Félix have completed a holiday home and guest house in Siwa, Egypt. Here, quite isolated, the house was built with materials made available by desert, oasis and salt lake: mud, sun fired bricks, palm wood, reeds, red stone and salt stone.

Walls are built by local craftsmen with kershef, a traditional building material made out of mud, sand, and sun-dried salt harvested from the Siwa’s salt lakes. In addition to blending in with the surrounding natural environment, kershef acts as a natural insulator, keeping indoor air temperatures mild in both hot and cold seasons.

Ecolodge DesignEcolodge DesignEcolodge DesignEcolodge DesignNo electricity in the house. Niches have been installed within the thick walls in kershef to place candles. A spring spurting out in the bottom of the mountain, not very far in the south, irrigates the palm grove and continuously feeds the kitchen and bathrooms with fresh and healthy water, as well as a small pool and the basin at the centre of the peristyle intended for cooling the courtyard and adjacent rooms. More information Please visit the architect website.

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