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Architecture Design of Taichung Convention Center by MAD Architects

Architecture-Design-of-Taichung-Convention-Center-by-MAD-ArchitectsThe design of Taichung convention center is conceived as a continuous weave of architecture and landscape that blurs the boundary between architecture, public space and urban landscape, proposing a futuristic vision based on the East’s naturalistic philosophy. This project inherits Chinese architecture’s long standing attitude towards holistic integration and order of space. The city of Taichung requires a metropolitan landmark that goes beyond the local to renew urban life and redefine the cultural landscape of the city, that, through unique architectural concepts and proposing a new kind of architectural philosophy, launch Taichung into the arena of world class cultural cites. The site for this project is inherently characterized by an energy rich landscape.


Project Data of Taichung Convention Center

Year: 2009
Location: China
Typology: Office, Hotel, Retail, Exhibition, Convention
Scale: 216,161 sqm
Status: Design in-progress

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